Washroom Maintenance

"Washroom maintenance is a great challenge in any commercial property. Washroom occupies bare minimum space but requires maximum attention. A clean, hygienic and well maintained washroom creates a lasting impression with both guests and staff."

Washroom Hygiene

Giving your customers hygiene reassurance throughout your facility is a key to creating a pleasant environment,and this extends right through to the toilets and urinals in your washrooms. Initial Hygiene offers a range of solutions to keep the toilet looking fresh and clean throughout the day, even between cleaning cycles.

Washroom- Persistent Issues

Every time a urinal is used, tiny droplets of urine splash up from the bowl and land on the surrounding areas. These droplets are virtually invisible yet can contain infection-spreading bacteria. These bacteria can be found several metres from the toilet and urinal for up to half an hour after flushing. This is called the’ sneeze effect’. They are one of the source of bad odour.

Severe odour and urinal blockage are always difficult to manage. Back odour from the urinals along with splashed urine in the surrounding area gives foul odour continuously. It is very important to address following three issues to prevent odour and blockages;

  • A. Floor and side walls around urinals
  • B. Back odour from the traps
  • C. Uric acid and lime scale deposits

Nothing is worse than urinals blockage and odour associated with it

Urine and flushing deposits uric acids crystals, calcium, salt and silica as scale in the urinal traps. Bacteria and scale continue to build up until they form virtually insoluble lumps of uric scale, which is the chief source of offensive odours in urinals. Uric scale also creates unsightly stains and can grow large enough to block pipes.

The problem with urine waste is that it congeals into a horrible, smelly and is extremely hard to remove. Untreated and static urine eventually forms a soft sludge. In addition, hair and other debris inevitably enter the Waste pipes and attract fats in urine, which is the main cause for bad odour and blockages.

Additional build up in the pipe lines will often be difficult to unblock

Organic sludge, hard water deposits, calcium scale, struvite, hair and salt are the main cloggers. Organic things such as spit, mucas, food and other wastes breed, thus expand to clog things. Hard water lime builds up on inner walls, thus contracts to clog things. Salt is a mineral, thus works in the same way as hard water deposits. Humans eat a lot of salt which comes out in our urine.Once urinals are clogged replacement is the easiest solution.


Traditional cleaning products such as detergents and chemicals are ineffective at breaking down these crystals, thus, to remove deposits in urinals, you need bio-enzyme based products, specifically designed to break down the uric acid crystals while destroying the bacteria around uric acid crystals that causes odour.

The bacteria enzyme complex will remove the scale built ups by converting the insoluble carbonate into soluble citrate and acetate. It also degrades the organic matter that odour-producing bacteria normally grow on, eliminating the malodours and converts uric scale into more soluble compounds, preventing the built-up of scale. Bio-Enzymatic products are bio- degradable, and will not corrode the pipe lines.

Preventive Maintenance seems to be the best way when it comes to washrooms

We recommend using microbiological cleaning Solution BioSol Multikleen and BioSol Freshin to effectively reduce bad odour and blockage. Advanced Bio-technology and enzyme activity enables our Bio-enzymatic products to reduce organic matter and biologically preventing the build-up of waste and scale in pipe work.

Bacteria and enzymes work in an entirely natural way without the use of chemicals, microbiological cleaning is the environmentally friendly and effective solution to many washroom and Housekeeping problems. Chemicals mask odour rather than removing the ‘bad’ bacteria which cause the problems.

BioSol Multikleen and BioSol Freshin protects against urinal smells and blockages by breaking down the build-up of uric salt and lime scale using natural enzymes and ‘friendly’ bacteria. An environmentally friendly effective biological cleaner Multikleen can be used in conjunction with BioSol Freshin as a ONE STOP solution for washroom and housekeeping.