• Portakleen concentrate is a multiple spore blend formulation specifically designed for Toilet - WCs / Urinals / Portable Toilets.
  • Portakleen is a powerful, easy-to- use concentrated product for rapid waste degradation and immediate odour control.
  • Portakleen assists in cleaning the internal WC / Urinal without damaging the sheen of the Toilets.
  • Portakleen provides long term odour control and prevents the return of foul odour-causing organic compounds.
  • A regular maintenance program with Portakleen, it maintains effective activity by degrading organic waste by complete digestion of malodourous volatile fatty acid.
  •  Portakleen partially degrades (20 to 30%) Sewage coming to WCs & Sewage Systems.
  • WCs & Urinals / Portable Toilets / Marine Holding tanks and other waste systems are nutrient reach system for bacteria.
  • Although many bacteria can utilize these organics as food source, it is the bacteria with most rapid production of these key enzymes that provides the best effects.
  • Portakleen utilises the capability of microbial consortium to produce extra cellular enzymes including Amylase / Protease / Cellulose and Lipase for fast degradation of these organics and effective Cleaning of WCs, Urinals and Portable Toilets.