Odour Control/Treatment

In the present scenario of States making enormous efforts to foster SMART CITIES mission, have to address a perennial issue of Stench / foul Odour from Garbage Transfer Stations, Garbage Depots, Solid Waste Management Sites, etc. They too have to make enough efforts to avoid stinking Garbage Vehicles moving in the respective Wards. Again, the stakeholders are at a Health hazard along with the employees working at all these locations.

Lemmox (Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide) controls odour in two ways: by controlling microorganisms that form odour causing Hydrogen Sulphide and by destroying Hydrogen Sulphide odours through Oxidation.

The economic feasibility of Lemmox also assists Corporations / Cantonment Boards / States to easily include in their existing process of administering the Foul Odour Control / Treatment.