General Purpose Cleaner & Odour Control

  • A single-product with multi-application flexibility. It’s unique (bio)formulation to provide deep cleaning, sanitizing and odour control.
  • Deep-clean floors and other outdoor hard surfaces immediately by removing the oil, grease, and grime that collect on the surface.
  • Enhance long-lasting cleaning effects by degrading residual organics after cleaning is complete.
  • Help provide in-depth odour control by breaking down odourous molecules and odour-causing organics.
  • Patented microbial and patent-pending formulation technology for powerful, long-lasting cleaning performance on floors, concrete, and other hard surfaces.
  • Sustainable, natural cleaning products.
  • NSF Nonfoods Compounds Registration Program–certified formula

Wash Room Hygiene

  • Urine and excessive flushing, deposits calcium, salt and silica as scale, which is the basic source of foul odour in urinals. Multikleen through its specific strains of Bacteria, degrades the same making them odour and clog free.
  • Floors of the washrooms are sprinkled with unwanted uric acid droplets and requires better sanitizing with the help of Multikleen.
  • Bacteria and enzymes work in entirety through a natural way of microbiological cleaning and provides an environmentally friendly and effective solution to many washroom and Housekeeping problems.